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Retreat FAQ’S

Great! You DO NOT need to reapply. Email the team at and let us know you’re ready for a follow-on retreat. You do NOT need to complete another application.

Your flight information will be emailed approximately 2 weeks prior to your retreat. If you have not received your flight information, email us so we can get it squared away.

Email us immediately if something changes. We don’t want a retreat slot to go unused. We will do our best to accommodate your changes. Note: We are not able to make changes after we have purchased your flights.

No. We have a full schedule planned for you. We ask that you keep your calendar clear for the duration of the retreat. If you have an appointment, you will need to reschedule your retreat or your appointment.


Tell them to visit the website and complete the REGISTER NOW section. You can send us an email and let us know that you’ve sent a referral. We will reach out to them as soon as we get their application. We cannot contact people who have not reached out to us first.

Our retreats are closed to visitors. We want you to fully focus on yourself and the retreat while you are there.

We will accommodate medical dietary restrictions and allergies. You must disclose your restrictions during your intake so we can prepare. If you did not disclose or if something has changed, let us know immediately. If you are just a picky eater, you might have to pick the onions out.

We would love to host your organization. Please send us an email so we can chat about dates!

Only service dogs that are trained in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act are allowed at the retreats. Emotional support animals and pets are not allowed.

No, our therapeutic horsemanship program is all groundwork. Conducting groundwork allows everyone to participate and helps build a great bond with the horses.

Veterans are not allowed to come and go from the retreat. We have dedicated staff and resources for you for the entire retreat. If you must leave during the retreat for an emergency, our team will coordinate your travel arrangements for you.