Wounded Warrior – A Poem By a Retreat Attendee Toinette Ishee

Toinette Ishee
Toinette Ishee

I attended the Operation Red Wings Foundation PTSD program in Texas. It is a great program that helped me learn some coping skills.  I would highly recommend Operation Red Wings Foundation if you are dealing with PTSD, depression, military sexual trauma.  They have excellent staff ready to assist you in whatever you need. I am thankful for them.

– Toinette Ishee


Wounded Warrior I am different in every way, a mystery to others, as some might proclaim.

Some people will never know the depths of this hurricane!

It is in the storms of depression that I got lost in the sunken place.

Wandering like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, I got swept away.

 I am a wounded warrior trying to find relief, but the wolves keep circling me, so I cannot sleep.

 I am always on guard, no matter the hour of time, because the enemy is waiting to destroy my mind.

 I am an alien on this journey called life, discovering that this is not my home, but I want to survive.

 A voice whispered to me: “I will be your strength to help carry you through.”

 Behind all those obstacles that you have been trying to move,

is where you will find your mental freedom waiting for you.

Toinette’s book, ‘Within the Mind of a Butterfly,’ is a book of poetry that deals with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  You can find it on Amazon here.

Operation Red Wings Foundation provides no-cost programs to help service members, veterans, and their families recover from combat trauma.  Learn more about how we can help at https://orwfoundation.org/our-programs/.