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Trauma, Tools and Triumph for Veterans

Welcome to “The Unseen Journey,” a podcast dedicated to supporting veterans and their families as they navigate life after the military. In this episode, Guy is joined by special guest Lottie, who shares her transformative journey and the tools she’s found helpful in overcoming her invisible wounds and injuries. This episode highlights the resilience of veterans and the valuable resources available to support their mental health and well-being beyond their military service.

Key Points:

Tools for Healing:

Lottie introduces her service dog and discusses how her companion, along with an alpha stim device, helped her cope with emotional challenges.

Veteran Retreats:

The podcast emphasizes the importance of veteran retreats in providing mental health support, therapy sessions, and holistic tools like alpha stim and heart math techniques.

Navigating Post-Military Life:

The conversation delves into Lottie’s journey of transitioning from military life, facing personal traumas, and finding courage to seek help and support.

Awareness of Trauma:

The conversation touches on the importance of raising awareness about military sexual trauma survivors and advocating for policies that support survivors and their families.

Navigating VA Benefits:

Lottie shares insights into the complexities of navigating the VA system, discussing challenges faced by veterans in accessing benefits and resources.

Empowerment Through Sharing: 

The podcast encourages veterans to share their experiences and seek community support, emphasizing the power of storytelling and peer connections in healing journeys.

Quotable Moments:

“Being your own advocate and speaking up for yourself is such a powerful thing to do.”

“Together, we can make the unseen journey a little easier for our veterans.”

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