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Their Unseen Journeys: Getting to Know the Hosts

Welcome to a special edition of The Unseen Journey, the podcast dedicated to supporting veterans and their families as they navigate life after the military. A perfect blend of serious discussions and light-hearted banter, this podcast provides insights into the unseen journey each veteran takes. Join your hosts Guy and Ashley in this unique glimpse into the lives of real veterans. Join the hosts, Guy and Ashley, as they share heartfelt stories, connect over shared experiences, and the profound legacy of saving lives and the ongoing battle against PTSD and depression.

Key Points:

  • What is the Unseen Journey? (00:00:21:22 – 00:01:10:03):
  • Introducing the new podcast and inviting listeners to subscribe.
  • Highlights of upcoming guests, including some board members from Operation Red Wings Foundation.
  • Connecting with the audience on a personal level.
  • Getting to Know the Hosts (00:01:10:03 – 00:06:25:15):
  • Guy shares details about his life, revealing his role as a “GSD” (Great Soccer Dad) and his love for German Shepherds.
  • Ashley discusses pets, including dogs, fish, and a purebred cat with a distinctive attitude.
  • A challenge is thrown in, prompting the hosts to find commonalities, leading to discussions about their military careers.
  • Navigating Relationships and Military Service (00:06:25:15 – 00:13:21:02):
  • Guy reflects on receiving advice to become an officer and the challenges he faced transitioning from enlisted to officer.
  • Guy shares a unique story about winning over his now-wife, who was initially adamant about not dating or marrying anyone in the military.
  • Military Service Journey (00:13:21:02 – 00:17:55:13):
  • Discussing family’s reaction to military service, prompting a discussion about parental perspectives.
  • Light moments, including a humorous military-related joke and express mutual appreciation for their service.
  • Exploring the challenges and concerns associated with joining the military.
  • Dream Careers and Aspirations (00:19:41:11 – 00:22:21:04):
  • Conversation about dream careers in an ideal scenario.
  • Encouraging Ashley to share her dream aspirations without constraints.
  • Reflecting on the concept of pursuing dreams regardless of obstacles.
  • Unconventional Tombstone Request (00:22:21:04 – 00:27:58:13):
  • Sharing a humorous anecdote about an unconventional tombstone request.
  • Discussing the co-host’s unique approach to military coins.
  • Emphasizing the importance of finding humor in serious topics.
  • Thoughts on Legacy and Final Resting Place (00:27:58:13 – 00:28:25:10):
  • Reflecting on views regarding legacy and final resting place preferences.
  • Expressing a desire for a meaningful legacy through passing down stories.
  • Considering the possibility of being laid to rest in significant locations.
  • Mentors and Mental Health Journey (00:28:25:10 – 00:29:32:17):
  • Gratitude for influential mentors.
  • Recognition of their pivotal roles in the mental health journey.
  • Acknowledging the impact of mentors on the host’s life.
  • Legacy of Operation Red Wings Foundation (00:29:53:06 – 00:31:08:01):
  • Ashley reflects on the incredible legacy of the foundation in saving lives and making a positive impact, both within and outside the military community.
  • The ongoing battle against PTSD and depression, acknowledging the challenges faced by those who have served.
  • Shared Memories and Getting Personal (00:33:27:19 – 00:39:57:20):
  • Exploring their favorite animated characters, revealing a shared appreciation for Optimus Prime and their collection of comic book character collectible cards.
  • Anecdotes about Halloween movie preferences, including classics like Hocus Pocus and the new Haunted Mansion remake.
  • Experiences While Stationed in Germany (00:40:39:01 – 00:46:46:09):
  • Bonding over their experiences in Germany, sharing stories about the unique car culture on military bases.
  • Personal preferences, such as vehicle choices and driving styles, are discussed

Quotable Moments:

“We never forget the people who died in combat with us or that we lost to suicide.” (30:44)

“And I know the battle is still there and I see the battle constantly.” (31:08)



The Unseen Journey is proudly brought to you by the Operation Red Wings Foundation.