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The Unseen Elements of Parenthood, Fitness, and Relationships

In this light-hearted episode of “The Unseen Journey,” hosts Guy and Ashley share more about their own unseen journeys and different ways they manage everyday life. Guy shares a personal story of working out with his son and the unexpected emotional challenges that surfaced. The episode explores the intersection of parenting, coaching, and personal growth, emphasizing the role of awareness and compassion in overcoming past challenges. They share personal experiences, emphasizing the value of clear communication, setting boundaries, and navigating leadership roles within a relationship.

Key Points:

Halloween Costumes and Candy Mishap

  • Guy and Kelly’s peanut butter and jelly costumes.
  • Finn, the German Shepherd’s love for chewing gum leads to a comical shower adventure.
  • Most enjoyable Halloween movie night lineups and brief discussion on Star Wars viewing order.

Forming Healthy Habits:

  • Guy’s return to working out in the garage.
  • Critique of extreme New Year’s resolutions.
  • Recommendation of the book “Atomic Habits.”
  • Stress on the significance of creating habits instead of relying on New Year’s resolutions.

Return to Fitness:

  • Guy’s recent experience of restarting his workout routine in his garage.
  • Challenges of overcoming inertia and excuses.
  • Revelation of hidden trauma from two years ago impacting his son’s emotional well-being.

Healing Through Awareness and Compassion:

  • Importance of being aware of emotional states and triggers.
  • Role of self-compassion in parenting and coaching, acknowledging past mistakes and actively working towards healing.

The Power of Playful Approach:

  • Strategy of using humor and a playful approach to diffuse tension and create a positive workout environment.
  • Lighthearted activity involving a “secret ingredient” for strength, emphasizing the importance of enjoying the process.
  • Emphasis on clear communication in relationships, especially in expressing needs and desires.

Leadership Roles in Relationships:

  • Concept of leadership roles and their shifting nature based on circumstances.
  • Acknowledgment of the value of taking on specific responsibilities within a partnership.

Navigating Blind Spots:

  • Introduction of the concept that a strength overutilized becomes a blind spot.
  • Stress on the role of awareness and communication in identifying and addressing blind spots.

Quotable Moments:

“…And I was aware enough and I was in a good enough space. I was healthy enough in that moment to be able to keep myself pulled back so that Grant could have fun.” – Guy @ 22:55

A strength overutilized is a blind spot. And what does it take for you to be able to see something in your blind spot? It takes you asking a question and it takes someone else giving you awareness.” – Guy @ 55:24