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The Journey of Healing and Hope with Victoria Bothmann

Welcome to “The Unseen Journey,” a podcast dedicated to supporting Veterans and their families as they navigate life after the military. In this episode, we explore accelerated resolution therapy (ART) with Victoria Bothmann, an LPC associate from Be the Light Counseling. Hear about Victoria’s background, her experiences working with Veterans, and the importance of mental health in the journey of healing. 

Key Points:

Victoria Bothmann’s Role and Expertise (00:00:2000:01:13):

  • Introduction to Victoria Bothmann, an LPC associate, and her specialization in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART).
  • Her connection to Be the Light Counseling and about therapy sessions.

Clinical Journey and LPC Associate Role (00:03:0600:13:17):

  • Insights into Victoria’s clinical journey as an LPC associate, highlighting her hands-on experience and unique approach.
  • The analogy of “mustang” in the military, drawing a parallel to her experiences as a mental health professional.

The Unseen Elements (00:19:4800:27:54):

  • The incorporation of unseen elements in counseling, such as the importance of mentors, setting boundaries, and the concept of cocooning.
  • Reflection on the value of clichés and proven techniques in building a toolkit for life’s challenges.

Prioritizing Self-Care and Emotional Resilience (00:27:5400:32:27):

  • Victoria’s perspective on managing emotional well-being and self-care as a mental health professional.
  • Recognition of the significance of encouragement, support, and mentors in maintaining resilience.

Closing Thoughts and Acknowledgments (00:32:2700:33:29):

  • Expressing gratitude to Victoria for sharing her unseen journey and insights.
  • Encouragement for listeners to subscribe and contribute to ORW Foundation, supporting Veterans in their transition.

Quotable Moments:

  • “As a person who’s using mental health services, but also providing mental health services. Because you’ve walked the walk, you’re not only talking the talk too.”
  • “Everything will work out, everything will work itself out. And that sets you up for the future and all of these unseen elements.”
  • “I mean right here the proof is in the pudding, as they say.”