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The Healing Journey For Women Veterans

Welcome to “The Unseen Journey,” a podcast dedicated to supporting Veterans and their families as they navigate life after the military. In this episode, the hosts discuss their nonprofit, Reveille and Retreat, which focuses on providing healing and community support for women Veterans and military service members. They talk about their projects, such as intimate retreats and fundraising events, shedding light on the importance of inclusivity in mental health support. The hosts also share personal experiences and reflections, emphasizing the impact of their initiatives.

Key Points:

Reveille & Retreat Project Nonprofit:

– Introducing a nonprofit organization, emphasizing the importance of small, intimate retreats for women Veterans and military members to promote healing and a supportive community.

Inclusivity in Mental Health Support:

– The discussion highlights the unique approach of the vet centers, providing free counseling for Veterans without restrictions based on mental or physical disabilities. The hosts stress the importance of open support for anyone who has served.

Impactful Retreat Experience with ORWF:

– The hosts recount the empowering experiences during the ORWF retreat they attended, such as horse therapy, bonding activities, and learning sessions on topics like HeartMath and Alpha-Stim. They emphasize the positive impact on participants’ mental well-being.

Fundraising Initiatives:

– The hosts discuss their successful Women Veterans Day event, a major fundraiser. They share their plans for future fundraising efforts and the importance of financial support to sustain their programs.

Community Bonding:

– The hosts reflect on the sense of community and bonding that arises during the ORWF retreats, showcasing the positive effects on participants’ mental health and well-being.

Quotable Moments:

“Get out of my own way and get comfortable with being uncomfortable because that’s where the most growth comes from.” -Dakota Olsen

“Together, we can make the unseen journey a little easier for our Veterans.”