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Harmony in Fierceness: The Unseen Journey of Yoga and Krav Maga

The podcast episode features Rinell, a guest with a unique and inspiring journey. She shares her experiences, blending yoga and Krav Maga, as well as the transformative power of energy in self-defense.

Key Points:

– Rinell discusses the contrasting aspects of her life, where she could freely move between countries and states, yet had to conceal her love for yoga due to triggering her partner.

– The conversation goes into the separation between personal and professional identities, drawing parallels with a previous podcast episode featuring Tigers.

– Rinell shares her challenging beach yoga practices without a mat, connecting with the earth, and the therapeutic aspects of pushing herself in yoga poses.

– Rinell narrates her discovery of Krav Maga through social media, attending classes despite initial discomfort, and falling in love with the practice.

– The philosophy of using feet as a defense weapon and avoiding unnecessary fights is discussed in the context of Krav Maga.

– The conversation expands into projecting confidence and energy in self-defense, emphasizing the impact on others’ perceptions.

– The hosts, Guy and Ashleigh, express admiration for Nedra’s journey and discuss the unseen element of appearing fierce while being big-hearted.

   – Rinell beautifully combines the practices of yoga and Krav Maga, representing a balance between the peaceful and assertive aspects of her journey.

   – The hosts and Rinell explore the concept of appearing fierce while embodying compassion, drawing parallels with the protective nature of dogs.

Quotable Moments

“I think that energy, that energy would give off, right? And that feeling, that sense people get as they’re around you, right?”

“that weight that we all place on ourselves, that I am, I am I enough? Am I good enough?”