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Invisible Wounds and Rediscovering Purpose As a Veteran

In this episode of “The Unseen Journey,” the host welcomes Charles Wright, a Marine Corps Veteran who served from 1999 to 2003. Charles shares his experiences, including his role in the invasion of Iraq and his journey towards healing and advocacy for Veterans’ mental health. The conversation explores the challenges Veterans face, the impact of invisible wounds, and the transformative power of programs like Operation Red Wings Foundation.

Key Points:

Military Service

  • Charles served as an 0341 81mm Mortarman during the Iraq invasion, participating in significant missions. 

 Invisible Wounds:

  • The discussion touches upon the invisible wounds Veterans carry, emphasizing the importance of understanding and addressing mental health challenges.

Transition and Healing:

  • Charles opens up about his post-military journey, including a ten-year period where his life seemed on pause. 
  • The conversation highlights the struggles of transitioning to civilian life, the importance of mental health support, and how programs like Operation Red Wings Foundation provided a lifeline for Veterans.

Peer Support:

  • The episode emphasizes the power of peer support, particularly in retreats organized by Operation Red Wings Foundation. 
  • Charles and the hosts discuss the impact of sharing experiences with fellow Veterans, the role of peer support in healing, and the transformative effect it has on individuals seeking purpose and growth.

Discovering A New Purpose

  • How helping Veterans heal is another way to receive your own healing in the Veteran journey.

Quotable Moments

“Your life is literally on pause until you get back home.”

“Going into an A.R.T. session, you need to sign up for a retreat and come through so you can experience this and feel this feeling.”

“We hope through Operation Red Wings Foundation to be a little piece of help for that – find your purpose, feel better, growth.”

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