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Finding Sisterhood in the Military and Beyond

In this episode, the hosts explore the experiences of Sharikea, a Marine Corps Veteran, and yoga instructor for ORW foundation. Join us as in exploring the theme of sisterhood within the military and how it extends into the veteran community. The conversation touches on the unique bonds formed in the military and the transition from service to civilian life. Sharieka shares insights into her Marine Corps journey, the unexpected discovery of yoga, and its transformative impact on her life.

Key Points:

Sisterhood in the Military vs. as a Veteran:

   – Discussion on the camaraderie within military branches.

   – Highlighting the shift from service-specific bonds to a united veteran community.

Yoga’s Role in Veteran Camaraderie:

   – Emphasis on the diverse branches coming together in the veterans’ space.

   – Recognition of similarities and shared experiences fostering a powerful sense of unity.

Marine Corps Experience:

   – Exploration of Sharieka’s motivation to join the Marine Corps.

   – Transition from military service to a fitness-focused lifestyle.

Yoga’s Unexpected Discovery:

   – Sharieka’s journey of stumbling upon yoga in the Marine Corps.

   – The profound impact of yoga, linking back to childhood and creating a desire for more.

Shifting Roles: Team Leader and Yogi:

   – Sharieka’s dual role as both a team leader and a yoga instructor.

   – Balancing leadership responsibilities and providing a calming influence during retreats.

Setting Boundaries for Wellness:

   – Importance of intentional actions, setting boundaries, and saying no.

   – The transformative power of taking time for oneself and avoiding overwhelm.

Quotable Moments:

”When you’re in the military, it’s your Army barracks, your Marine barracks. But when you come to the Veterans base, you get to see all the different branches. And there are differences, but there’s so many similarities and it’s just coming together from our bonds and from our service experience.”

“It’s magic. Everything you just said right now is like a big hug. Honestly. Like it’s stuff we all need to hear. It’s so true. You do better. Those boundaries, right? Those boundaries That hit me like a ton of bricks.”

“Take space in the moment. Well, the 100%, 100%, not only in the past of who we were, what we accomplished, what we didn’t accomplish, the trauma we experience, you know, the mistakes we made, the successes we had. Will it ever be like that again?”

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