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Sponsorship Recognition-Lucky 19

At Operation Red Wings Foundation, we are profoundly grateful for the generous sponsors who step up to make a difference in the lives of Veterans. Their commitment and support enable us to continue our mission of aiding Veterans in their journey towards wellness. Today, we have the pleasure of spotlighting Lucky 19 Brewing Company, a family-owned brewery that has been a staunch supporter of Operation Red Wings Foundation. We talked with Lauren Reece, one of the owners of Lucky 19 Brewing Company, to learn more about their mission, values, and dedication to supporting Veterans.

Q&A with Lauren Reece from Lucky 19 Brewing Company

Q:  Who is Lucky 19 Brewing Company, and what inspired the creation of this brewing venture?

A: Lucky 19 Brewing Company is a family-owned brewery owned by Jacoby & Lauren Reece. We started this venture in 2020 when we were having difficulties finding kegs due to shortages for the restaurant we own. We had been brewing at home for years and decided to take the problem at hand and create a solution. We started small, brewing for our restaurant to test the waters and gain feedback from the community. In 2021,  we decided it was time to separate the businesses and go full scale with the brewery. We bought land and created Lucky 19 Brewing Company.

Q:  What are the core values that drive Lucky 19 Brewing Company’s mission and operations?

A: Here at Lucky 19, our commitment is to encourage creativity and collaboration among our employees. Every person brings a unique craft to the table allowing us all to come together and make magic happen. We all hold the same passion for creating something that brings people together for a good cause.

Q:  What motivates Lucky 19 Brewing Company to support Veterans through ORWF?

A: We are forever thankful to our Veterans and their sacrifices and it is our honor to support their journey back to civilian life by donating to ORWF. By promoting awareness and direct support, communities can ensure that Veterans are appreciated for their past contributions and empowered for future endeavors. Building social support systems for Veterans in the community is an essential part of ensuring Veteran’s overall mental health and helping them integrate back into our society.

Q:  In your opinion, what unique challenges do veterans face regarding mental health?

A: Coming home and transitioning back into civilian life is not easy for anyone and can have many challenges such as understanding your purpose or mission for life again.

Q:  Have you personally witnessed or experienced the impact of mental health challenges on Veterans’ lives?

A: Yes, I have had many friends who are Veterans all with their own unique challenges when coming home. Many of them have a hard time finding employment and connecting with a social circle that positively supports them.

Q:  Do you have a personal story to share about a Veteran that has touched your life or inspired you?

A: Yes, growing up and experiencing 9/11 I have had many friends and family members who were fighting for our freedom and unfortunately upon their return faced many challenges integrating back into civilian life. Regrettably, many of them felt they did not have the support they needed and ended their life with suicide.

Q:  How has your involvement with Veterans and their stories influenced your perspective on the importance of mental health support?

A: While growing up, mental health was never talked about in schools, at home, or even among friends. I didn’t understand the importance until getting to know Veterans and their needs. Now that I am more aware, I truly believe it should be taught and discussed more frequently in every institution. The earlier we address mental health the better.

Q: How does Lucky 19 Brewing Company contribute to raising awareness about Veterans’ needs?

A: We created Warrior American Ale and we donate proceeds from the brew to Operation Red Wings Foundation. We are effectively raising awareness within the community and raising money to help support the retreats.

Q: What message would you like to convey to others about Lucky 19 Brewing Company’s dedication to supporting Veterans?

A: Supporting Veterans is a responsibility we all share. We should all be thankful for their service and the fact we are allowed to support them and live in a free country.

Q: In your opinion, why is addressing mental health specifically important for Veterans, and how do you see our retreats making a meaningful impact?

A: Addressing mental health is vital for anyone, but crucial for Veterans. The retreats offer tools to help Veterans manage their symptoms. Retreats also help veterans find a community of people who understand the difficulties they are going through. 

Join us in thanking Lauren & Jacoby Reece and the entire Lucky 19 Brewing Company Team for their invaluable contribution to Veterans’ well-being. Discover exceptional craft beers and community support at Lucky 19 Brewing Company. Your engagement makes a positive impact on the lives of those who have served our nation. Explore more ways to support Veterans through Operation Red Wings Foundation by visiting  Cheers to supporting veterans together!

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