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Press Release

Operation Red Wings Foundation Announcement 


The Board of Directors for Lone Survivor Foundation is proud to announce, effective immediately, our name will change to “Operation Red Wings Foundation”.  Nineteen American lives were lost during Operation Red Wings in 2005 and it is our distinct honor to keep their names alive while continuing to carry out our mission to serve to America’s Veterans and Service Members through our therapeutic retreats. Our mission and our work to serve veterans and their families from every branch of the military will continue without interruption. 

The Foundation and Marcus Luttrell have decided to part ways  with Mr. Luttrell having already ceased being a member of the Foundation’s active board of directors at the end of 2021.  In 2022, the Foundation and its Board of Directors have unanimously continued on with the mission of the Foundation.  Since the start of the year, the Foundation has expanded to serving over 430 veterans and their families with the year not over yet.  The Foundation also opened a new facility, Camp Coyote, to serve even more veterans and their families in the coming years. 

The Operation Red Wings Foundation looks forward to sharing our new look and continuing the life-changing work that we are known for. Rest assured, that we will continue serving our Nation’s heroes with the same passion, focus and purpose that we always have!    

All currently scheduled events and other programs will be held as scheduled. 

Our new website is  Visit us there for links to all of our updated social media channels. 

Statement attributable to the Board of Directors, Lone Survivor Foundation/Operation Red Wings Foundation