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ORWF Retreats

In November, we celebrate National Veterans and Military Families Month, a time to honor and recognize the sacrifices made by those who have served in the military and their families. As a way to support and show appreciation for these individuals, the Operation Red Wings Foundation (ORWF) offers in-person retreats specifically designed for Veterans and military families.

ORWF’s in-person retreats provide a safe and supportive environment for attendees to come together and connect with others who have shared similar experiences. These retreats offer a variety of activities and programming, including therapeutic horsemanship,trauma-informed yoga and meditation sessions, Accelerated Resolution Therapy and more. The retreats are six days long and are held in Texas, North Carolina and Maryland. All locations take advantage of the peaceful, natural environments and are designed to make attendees feel comfortable while encouraging camaraderie with fellow Veterans. The Texas facility is located in the Sam Houston National Forest, the North Carolina facility is a modern home located just outside of the city limits of Fayetteville, NC and features a small lake, the Maryland retreats are hosted at Patriot Point in Madison, MD..

The retreats are led by a Veteran Team Leader and a small team of professionals who will provide individualized care customized to the needs of each attendee. ORWF’s in-person retreats also incorporate other techniques, such as biofeedback, Alpha-Stim and mindfulness practices. These tools can help Veterans develop coping mechanisms and better manage any symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTS), mTBI or Chronic Pain.

One of the main goals of ORWF’s in-person retreats is to provide a sense of community and belonging for attendees. For many Veterans and military families, the transition back to civilian life can be difficult and isolating. These retreats offer a space for attendees to connect with others who have faced similar challenges and can offer support and understanding.

At ORWF’s in-person retreats, attendees may share a room with another Veteran or, for couples’ and family sessions, have their own bedroom. The retreats offer a variety of activities designed to teach attendees therapeutic tools focused on renewing their mind, body, and spirit.

ORWF’s in-person retreats are open to all Veterans and military families, regardless of branch of service or length of service. The retreats are offered at no cost to attendees, as ORWF is committed to making their programming accessible to all who could benefit from it.

If you are a Veteran or military family member looking for support and connection, ORWF’s in-person retreats may be a great option for you. These retreats offer a unique blend of traditional therapy techniques, all within a supportive and inclusive community. To learn more about ORWF’s in-person retreats and how to apply, visit their website at