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Operation Red Wings Foundation and Lucky 19 Brewing Company Join Forces for a Cause

At Operation Red Wings Foundation (ORWF), our mission is clear: to provide Veterans and their families with a path to healing from their invisible wounds, honor the memory of the fallen and promote unity and patriotism throughout the nation. Recently, we’ve had the incredible opportunity to take our mission to a whole new level through a partnership with Lucky 19 Brewing Company. Lucky 19 Brewing Co. has crafted a new beer that embodies the spirit of our cause and the values we hold dear: Warrior American Ale.

Brewing for a Cause

Breweries, like Lucky 19 Brewing Company, have often been at the heart of communities, fostering connections and camaraderie through their craft. When we found a partner like Lucky 19, whose values aligned perfectly with our own, we knew we had the chance to create something special. Warrior American Ale is the culmination of our shared commitment to supporting Veterans and the military community.

A Patriotic Can Design

If you’ve had the chance to hold a can of Warrior American Ale in your hand, you’ll immediately understand the symbolism that runs deep in its design. The red, white, and blue can is not merely an aesthetic choice but a powerful statement of our collective identity as a nation and our unwavering support for our Veterans.

The red represents the valor and courage displayed by our servicemen and women in the face of adversity. The white signifies the purity of our shared purpose: to protect and defend the values that make this nation great. The blue, in all its shades, represents the commitment to freedom and the sacrifices made to safeguard it. Each can of Warrior American Ale is not just a beverage; it’s a tribute to the ideals that have shaped our nation’s history.

The Number 19

The connection between Operation Red Wings Foundation and Lucky 19 Brewing Company runs deeper than just our shared dedication to Veterans. It’s an uncanny coincidence that brings even greater significance to our partnership. On June 28th, 2005, during Operation Red Wings, America tragically lost 19 Warriors in Afghanistan. The number 19 holds a profound meaning for us, symbolizing the sacrifices made that day. When we discovered Lucky 19 Brewing Company, whose name prominently features the number 19, it felt like more than just fate; it felt like destiny. This shared numerical connection became an immediate bond, a reminder of the lives we aim to honor and support through Warrior American Ale. It’s a powerful reminder that even the most unexpected coincidences can bring people and organizations together for a noble cause.

Supporting Our Veterans

One of the most meaningful aspects of this partnership is the tangible support it provides to Veterans. A portion of the proceeds from every sale of Warrior American Ale goes directly to Operation Red Wings Foundation. This financial support allows us to continue our critical work of assisting Veterans and their families with PTSD, mTBI and chronic pain through therapeutic retreats. When you choose Warrior American Ale, you are not only enjoying a delicious beer; you are actively contributing to this vital mission.

Lucky 19 Brewing Company’s Commitment

Lucky 19 Brewing Company is a supporter of the Veteran and military community. Their dedication is not just lip service; it’s woven into the fabric of their brewery’s identity. Through this partnership, they are taking their commitment to the next level. By crafting Warrior American Ale and pledging a portion of the proceeds to ORWF, they are demonstrating that they understand the sacrifices made by Veterans and are willing to take concrete actions to make a difference.

So, the next time you reach for a cold one, consider choosing Warrior American Ale. Raise a glass not only to your own enjoyment but also to the men and women who have selflessly served our country. By doing so, you become part of a movement that aims to make a tangible difference in the lives of Veterans and their families. It’s a toast worth making, and a partnership worth celebrating. Cheers to Lucky 19 Brewing Company for their remarkable commitment to Veterans and the military community, and thank you for supporting Operation Red Wings Foundation’s mission!

We encourage you to visit Lucky 19 Brewing Company at 154 State Highway 19
Huntsville, TX, 77340 or at

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