A Letter from the Developer of Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Laney Rosenzweig, MS LMFT

Laney R.
Laney Rosenzweig, MS LMFT

I wanted to write to acknowledge how happy I am that the Operation Red Wings Program utilizes the therapy I developed called Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART). I created ART in 2008 and we have trained thousands of therapists including those at Walter Reed, Fort Belvoir, Fort Hood, Fort Stewart and other bases. We have trained therapists at many clinics across the United States as well.

What makes ART different is focusing on keeping the memory of a trauma but erasing the negative images that cause the symptoms related to trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is done is by using eye movements, we think may be like those you use at night during the Rapid Eye Movement phase (REM) of sleep. During this phase of sleep your brain is attempting to problem solve, but sometimes the problem is too big to be accomplished. You then may get flash backs or thoughts that intrude into your everyday life.

I believe it is the negative images, not the facts, that are the cause of these problems. Once you erase them from view, things change, life gets better. For a past trauma this can often be done in a one hour session.  A study at the University of South Florida (USF) had the result that the PTSD was resolved in one to five sessions, with an average of about 3 sessions.

The eye movements have a calming effect and those who have gone through the ART procedure most often leave the session feeling much better than when they started, even with the worst images they have carried around in their minds, sometimes for years.

The best part is you don’t even have to talk about your problem. ART is a procedure that can be done without hearing the facts of your issue; very different than regular talk therapy.

We often find that clients can start at a high level on the SUDS (Significant Unit of Distress) scale and then find their situation more manageable by the end of the session.

I was fortunate enough to see a first responder physician who had been working in the ICU during this difficult time of the corona virus. She was able to leave with a better understanding of how she can manage her most difficult job which is filled with trauma. It was gratifying to be able to help someone who has been so brave to help others during this time.

Again, I just want to thank the Lone Survivor therapists and personnel for recognizing the value and effectiveness of the therapy and thank you for utilizing it with those veterans that need and want the help that the therapy offers. The knowledge that your program can reach so many touches me very deeply.

Laney Rosenzweig,  ART Developer

To learn more about Accelerated Resolution Therapy, please visit https://acceleratedresolutiontherapy.com/.  To watch Laney’s Ted Talk about PTSD and ART, click here.

Operation Red Wings Foundation provides no-cost programs to help service members, veterans, and their families recover from combat trauma.  Learn more about how we can help at https://orwfoundation.org/our-programs/.