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Finding Purpose Through Farming: The Journey from Marine to Mentor

Welcome back to *The Unseen Journey*, a podcast dedicated to supporting veterans and their families as they navigate life after the military. In this episode, we have a truly inspiring guest, Robert Elliott. Robert shares his incredible journey from serving in the Marine Corps to becoming a successful farmer and founder of the Veterans Farm of North Carolina. His story is one of resilience, transformation, and dedication to helping fellow veterans find purpose and healing through agriculture.

Join us as Robert discusses the challenges he faced transitioning from military to civilian life, the pivotal moments that led him to farming, and the development of his nonprofit that supports veterans in agriculture. We also talk about the unique struggles veterans face during their transition and how programs like Robert’s are making a significant impact in suicide prevention and community building. This episode is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of finding new purpose after service.

Key Points:

– [00:47] – Introduction of Robert Elliott and his background.

– [02:10] – Robert’s journey from the Marine Corps to farming.

– [10:34] – Challenges faced during the transition to civilian life.

– [17:02] – The inception and growth of Veterans Farm of North Carolina.

– [23:34] – The importance of purpose and community for veterans.

– [32:19] – Advice for veterans on utilizing VA benefits.

– [41:10] – Comprehensive overview of the agricultural training program.

– [49:05] – The impact of Robert’s program on veteran suicide prevention.

Links Mentioned:

– [Operation Red Wings Foundation]( – Learn more about the retreats and resources available for veterans.

– [Veterans Farm of North Carolina]( – Discover how Robert’s nonprofit is making a difference in the lives of veterans through agriculture.

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